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Voice of the Village 2020
Aging is a special stage of life that deserves respect and appreciation. 


Carquinez Village has a weekly column, Voice of the Village, that appears each Friday in the Benicia Herald. Click on any of the titles to read the column.

Bloom in Your Own Garden
By Beth Grimm
Published 3.27.2020
Perhaps we are being given the gift of time and thought for each of us to bloom in our own garden.…read more

Living in a Changed and Changing World
By Judie Donaldson
Published 3.20.2020
I just took a minute to look at my “to-do” list, which normally, I must admit, runs my life…read more

Don't Panic–get the best information possible
By Lois Requist
Published 3.13.2020
Last week I went to Southern California, La Quinta, specifically, for a visit with long time friends. … read more

Living Life According to Our Values
By Judie Donaldson
published 3.6.2020
A few years ago, in my first year of teaching graduate students at Montclair State University in New Jersey, I was assigned to teach a course in Values Clarification to counseling majors. read more

Balancing My Life

By Lois Requist
published 2.28.2020

When my birthday rolls around, I tend to get somewhat introspective. Now, having spent a year as an eighty-year-old, I think about how I spend my time and use my resources.

The final chapter, my father myself
By guest columnist, Beth Grimm
published 2.21.2020

Twelve years, twenty years, seven months, two years... just matters of time given to each of us to live.

They Call it an Epidemic
By Judie Donaldson
published 2.14.2020
Do you know that researchers have found that loneliness is more lethal to us than either obesity or smoking fifteen cigarettes a day?

What is an Age-Friendly City?
By Lois Requist
published 2.7.2020
Creating an “Age-Friendly City” is about making a community better for everyone.

A Day In My Life
By guest columnist, Beth Grimm
published 1.31.2020
I have lost both my parents within the past two years. They were both in their nineties. I am just over seventy. 

Let’s All Be Smart Older Adults
By Judie Donaldson
published 1.24.2020
I think that I live from a pretty decent level of awareness of the fragility of my life and that, as an 81-year old, I’m moving up the ladder of old age. 

Points to ponder: closure, forgiveness, and redemption
By Lois Requist
published 1.17.2020
I don’t know if there is more bad news these days or if it is just so available.

Celebrate Yourself! Come on!
by Judie Donaldson
published 1.10.2020
How good are you about celebrations? How about your birthday– or New Year's Eve?

Are we ready to become an older society?
By Lois Requist
published 1.3.2020
I celebrated Christmas with my family, a three-generation time of togetherness. I’m the one left of the oldest generation. 

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