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Voice of the Village 2020
Aging is a special stage of life that deserves respect and appreciation. 


Carquinez Village has a weekly column, Voice of the Village, that appears each Friday in the Benicia Herald. 

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A taboo and tender subject
By Judie Donaldson
Published 5.29.2020
I’ve decided to take a risk in today’s column. It pertains to a kind of taboo subject. It’s about death. I hope you won’t back off. I don’t approach it as a morbid topic.  Quite the opposite.

Kevin Bacon never forgets
By Carolyn Plath
(This is a humorous guest column, originally published in the Benicia Herald on December 12, 2014. Republished 5.22.2020)
Trying to remember…have I already written about Alzheimer’s disease?
No. No, I haven’t. I’m sure of it. Pretty sure.

Where we are now
By Lois Requist
Published 5.15.2020

I tried to cut my hair today
by Judie Donaldson
Published 5.8.2020

Is this the best or the worst of times?
By Lois Requist
Published 5.1.2020

By Beth Grimm
Published 4.24.2020

An ethical will for the pandemic
by Judie Donaldson
Published 4.17.2020

Being Elderly in the Time of the Corona Virus
By Carolyn Plath
Published 4.10.2020

Coping Skills in a Time of Corona Virus
By Kathy Monroe
Published 4.3.2020

Bloom in Your Own Garden
By Beth Grimm
Published 3.27.2020

Living in a Changed and Changing World
By Judie Donaldson
Published 3.20.2020

Don't Panic–get the best information possible
By Lois Requist
Published 3.13.2020

Living Life According to Our Values
By Judie Donaldson
published 3.6.2020

Balancing My Life
By Lois Requist
published 2.28.2020

The final chapter, my father myself
By guest columnist, Beth Grimm
published 2.21.2020

They Call it an Epidemic
By Judie Donaldson
published 2.14.2020

What is an Age-Friendly City?
By Lois Requist
published 2.7.2020

A Day In My Life
By guest columnist, Beth Grimm
published 1.31.2020

Let’s All Be Smart Older Adults
By Judie Donaldson
published 1.24.2020

Points to ponder: closure, forgiveness, and redemption
By Lois Requist
published 1.17.2020

Celebrate Yourself! Come on!
by Judie Donaldson
published 1.10.2020

Are we ready to become an older society?
By Lois Requist
published 1.3.2020

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