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Benicia Mayor Elizabeth Patterson Talks Avoid COVID-19

To read about what the Mayor learned and shared with Roger Straw of the Benicia Independent, click here.

Governor Announces New Plan to Reach Lonely, Isolated Seniors

Seniors isolating across California amid the coronavirus pandemic can soon access new state programs designed to combat loneliness.

The state has partnered with multiple agencies to launch the Social Bridging Project and expand the Friendship Line to help support California’s older population during the indefinite statewide shelter in place order, Gov. Gavin Newsom said Friday. More than 1.2 million Californians who are older than 65 live alone.

Another initiative will connect community restaurants to older adults by enlisting them to deliver meals to people at home. To read more about these plans, click here

Solano County Extends Stay-at-Home Order Until May 17
April 24, 2020

Solano County has extended its shelter-at-home order until May 17, the county health department announced Friday. This comes as Governor Gavin Newsom has not established a timeline to reopen the state or given an end date for the statewide stay at home order. As of Friday, there were 199 confirmed cases of coronavirus in Solano County, 22 of which are active and 50 that required hospitalizations. Four people have died from coronavirus in the county. The order was originally issued on March 18, directing residents to only leave their homes for essential activities, such as grocery shopping, getting health care, or caring for a relative. All non-essential gatherings are still banned and businesses should remain closed until further notice. According to the press release sent out Friday, “This extension is necessary to continue to slow the rate of spread of the virus, to allow for additional testing and to continue working with the healthcare community to ensure the hospital and healthcare systems do not become overwhelmed.”

Governor Newsom Addresses the Stay-at-Home Policy
April 16, 2020

Governor Newsom outlined six indicators that will dictate when California’s shelter in place order will be modified.  They are as follows.

  • The ability to monitor and protect our communities through testing, contact tracing, isolating, and supporting those who are positive or exposed;
  • The ability to prevent infection in people who are at risk for more severe COVID-19;
  • The ability of the hospital and health systems to handle surges;
  • The ability to develop therapeutics to meet the demand;
  • The ability for businesses, schools, and child care facilities to support physical distancing; and
  • The ability to determine when to reinstitute certain measures, such as the stay-at-home orders, if necessary.

The Governor said there is not a precise timeline for modifying the stay-at-home order, but that these six indicators will serve as the framework for making that decision.

Seniors: Don’t Forget These Help Lines
Benicia: Benicia has a Community Services phone line. Call (707) 746- 4285, Monday – Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m. For seniors, staff is available to make referrals to local and Solano County non-profit organizations that have set up special services for seniors during the COVID-19 emergency. Community members are encouraged to call or email with questions. 

Solano County: The Solano County Department of Health and Social Services assists individuals in gaining access to a range of safety net support services for individuals and families experiencing hardships, and especially now by COVID-19.  These programs, including food assistance, medical insurance and cash aid for those who are eligible, are designed to ensure that all individuals and families have resources to meet their basic needs. Visit: or call:  (707) 553-5000.


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