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Connecting, Supporting, and Inspiring Older Adults

Carquinez Village of Benicia is a nonprofit organization that was started by older adults to connect, support, and inspire one another as they age. A fee-based membership association, Carquinez Village is a network of neighbors helping neighbors, offering programs, services, and referral information that can assist individuals to remain in their homes and, as much as possible, live full, active, and independent lives. Carquinez Village seeks to assist each member in aging with meaning, with peace of mind, with support and in community.  

Started by Older Adults: Carquinez Village is part of a “village movement” that has been sweeping the country. It belongs to the Village to Village Network, a national association of over 200 existing villages and another 150 villages that are in the process of forming.

Programs and Services to Meet Different Interests and Needs

Carquinez Village isn’t a place or building, a health care organization, or a social service agency. A new kind of organization, it specializes in providing a set of everyday support services that are critical to people’s lives, but often fall through the cracks, like rides to the doctor or help with errands. In addition, the Village offers a network of social connections and activities that change throughout the year. We even offer rides to the programs and events that we sponsor! Here’s an overview of our offerings.

Support Services

  • Transportation to medical appointments and other activities
  • Checks on household supplies
  • Clothing care
  • Errands, grocery shopping
  • Friendly visits and phone calls
  • Gardening help
  • Assistance with phone calls, paying bills, and other correspondence
  • Light housekeeping, light household repairs, and meal preparation
  • Respite care
  • Taking notes at medical appointments
  • Technology support and personal business assistance
  • Programs and Activities

We offer organized outings to theatres, museums, other cultural events, educational courses, films, and speakers on topics of interest. We also offer a range of social events, e.g., coffee hours, social hours, pot lucks, and a ride, if you need it, to any of our activities.

Referral Information

We offer an exclusive list of pre-screened service providers (plumbers, electricians, attorneys, accountants, etc.), some of whom give discounts to seniors as well as referrals to services available to seniors in Solano County.

Benefits Designed to Make a Difference in People’s Lives

Although older adults share a great deal in common, at Carquinez Village, we also appreciate that each person is unique. Some members join the Village because they need the supportive services that Carquinez Village provides. They want the peace of mind to know that they can pick up the phone and seek help. When challenges appear, they know they will be surrounded by a community of caring volunteers. On the other hand, some older adults join because they want to connect with others, take courses together, attend concerts or plays, and enjoy the benefits of a dynamic social network.

In addition, there are some financially-minded members who view the Village as a kind of insurance policy. They don’t need any services now, but they want the Village to be around when and if they do. Similarly, there are others who believe that the Village will enable them to remain in their homes for a time and avoid the high cost of an assisted living facility or nursing home.

For these reasons, Carquinez Village was formed to provide the following benefits:

  • Services and activities that enable seniors to age in place, remain connected to others and the community and live independently in their homes.
  • A stimulating community that inspires individuals to experience their senior years as ones of opportunity and possibility.
  • Membership in a caring, dynamic and engaged community of seniors.
  • A network of volunteers who provide assistance and a circle of caring support in times of need.
  • A low-cost strategy that can save money, reduce isolation and increase peace of mind.

A Neighbor-to-Neighbor Network of Caring Volunteers

Carquinez Village is led by a group of caring and committed volunteers who plan programs and activities and deliver our services. Volunteers imbue the Village with a neighbor-to-neighbor quality. They are community members of all ages. Some are even Village members themselves!

Carquinez Village works in association with Faith in Action, a nondenominational, nonprofit organization located in Fairfield that serves as our fiscal agent and assists in the delivery of support services.

Membership Eligibility and Cost

Membership is open to individuals who live in the Benicia area including Vallejo and are 60 years of age or older. There are two membership categories:

  • An individual membership. $30 per month or $360 per year.
  • A household membership: $180 for each additional member of the household. (The primary member must be 60 years of age or older. Other household members may be younger if they are the spouse or significant other of the primary member. 

Note: All memberships are annual memberships. Individuals can join at any time during the year. A limited number of scholarships are available. Carquinez Village is a nonprofit charitable organization. Membership dues are taxable; however, donations to Carquinez Village can be deducted for tax purposes.

Application Process

Becoming a member is simple. It entails completing and submitting a Carquinez Village Membership Form and meeting with a Village representative, who will answer your questions and review the Village benefits, guidelines, and membership requirements. 

How to Get involved

We’re building a village . . . one neighbor at a time, and we’re eager to tell you about it. There are two ways to obtain more information. We invite you to take advantage of both, and we’ll provide a ride if you need one.

Attend an Information Meeting: This can be valuable because you can learn both from the presentation and the questions that others ask. Meeting dates will be announced. Please call  707 297.2472 to make a reservation. Space is limited.


Meet with a Village representative: We’ll meet with you in the community or, if you prefer, in your home. Call  707 297.2472 to arrange a time.


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