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Canceled: Lifelong Learning:Armchair Travel Adventure on Zoom


Wed 04 / 24 / 2024
3:00 PM to 5:00 PM

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Members and Volunteers




Cynthia Seguin

Carquinez Village presents another Lifelong Learning event on Wednesday, April 24.  This “Armchair Travel Adventure” takes us to two UNESCO World Heritage Sites. There will be an educational film shown for each topic, as well as a group discussion.  Have you been to Egypt?  Japan?  Seen a good movie or read a good book about these cultures?  Members and volunteers are welcome to share their experiences about these two fascinating countries.


Explore Thebes, modern-day Luxor, an archeological treasure trove, representing the height of ancient Egyptian wealth and power.   The extraordinary temple complexes of Karnak and Luxor held huge religious and political significance.  Behold the Valley of the Kings, the site of more than 60 royal tombs

Mt. Fuji, Japan: 

Take the measure of this iconic picturesque mountain and learn about its presence in Japanese religion, poetry, and folklore, as well as a pilgrimage site. Note its depiction in art and its role in defining the modern Japanese nation.