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Safety Program – To Protect You


We want to ensure that our members are prepared for emergencies, to be smart and informed about dangers to older adults, and are always aware of local issues and concerns. While we are still developing a comprehensive list of safety services, the Carquinez Village Safety Program will include the following components:


Fall Prevention Courses

“A Matter of Balance” is a tested course curriculum that teaches older adults why falls occur, how to fall, and how to prevent falls from happening. The reality is that, when armed with this knowledge, many falls don’t need to happen at all. This free eight-session course will be taught in four weeks (two sessions each week) at the Benicia Community Center.


Safety Assessments

It is easy to become so accustomed to our home environments that we are unaware that they might include some unsafe areas. A certified safety home inspector will soon be available to assess Carquinez Village members’ home environments, note any unsafe concerns, and make recommendations for our homes’ increased safety. 


Benicia Alert System

We want to ensure that all Carquinez Village members are registered with their local community alert system. It is critical to be connected and to receive their alerts in times of emergency.


Emergency Preparedness

Carquinez Village will host periodic programs provided by Benicia’s Fire Department and will provide support to enable our members to prepare as much as possible for the eventuality of an emergency. 


Cyber Security & Crime Prevention

Carquinez Village will host periodic programs provided by our volunteer IT Security expert that will cover safety in and around our homes, how to avoid scams so that we’re not victimized by fraud. Members will also have access to our tech volunteers who can help access threats and guide members in the event they've been targeted by cyber crimes.