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Personal Services – to Support You



Requests for rides are our most in-demand service. Drivers will take you to medical appointments, to do errands, go to the grocery store, visit a friend, etc.

We ask that members request rides at least two days in advance so that we have time to schedule a volunteer driver.


Light Household Repairs, Light Housekeeping

Handy person volunteers do things like repair a leaky faucet, replace hard-to-reach light bulbs, fix a switch, assemble a new small appliance or gadget, etc. (For larger projects that are beyond our scope, we can recommend professional service providers.)

Volunteers can help with light housekeeping such as running the vacuum or dishwasher, doing a load of wash, etc. This can be particularly helpful when a member isn’t feeling well or is recuperating from a hospital visit.  

Gardening, Yard Work Volunteers

Volunteers do things like light weeding, planting, and raking or watering the garden when a member is away. Unfortunately, volunteers cannot take on regular maintenance. (For larger projects that are beyond our scope, we can recommend professional service providers.)


Friendly Phone Calls and Companion Visits

Ensuring that our members are connected is one of our interests. We don’t impose companionship calls or visits on anyone, of course, but they are there for those who are interested. They can be a one-time connection or a regular occurrence. Sometimes calls are arranged just to make certain that a member is well.


Errand Assistance

A volunteer can assist by doing grocery shopping or performing an errand for a member who is unable to do it for themselves.


Medical Appointment Assistance

A volunteer can assist a member by attending a medical appointment and taking notes, filling and reading presecriptions. There are occasions when an extra set of ears can be helpful!


Meal Preparation

We have volunteers ready to bring a meal to a member who isn’t feeling well or who has returned from a hospital visit.

IT (Tech), Computer Help and Cyber Security Prevention

Skilled volunteers can help a member with computer, television, and telephone difficulties or assist with bookkeeping, business organizing, or making business phone calls. Our volunteer IT security expert can assist you in the event you encounter cyber security threats or breaches.